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The process of buying or selling a home can be both stressful and complicated. That is why here at John Poyser Solicitors we can guarantee that any transaction will be as hassle-free as possible. We will guide you through every step of the completion of your Sale or Purchase and ensure that you remain in control of the entire process.

We provide a range of advice and assistance for individuals and investors across the UK relating to residential Conveyancing, including:
• Buying a new home
• Selling your property
• Equity release
• Transfer of Equity
• Deeds of Gift
• Re-mortgages
• Land registry issues

Our expertise means that we can help you whether you are a first-time buyer, seasoned property investor, buying at auction or entering into a shared ownership. Within our residential conveyancing department, all of our staff are fully trained solicitors. They are able to use the latest technologies to ensure that all transactions are completed as quickly as possible to ensure you are never out of pocket.  Richard Alleyne will undertake the majority of the work.

Although an exciting time in most people’s lives, buying or selling a house is considered to be one of the most stressful things people do, particularly when unforeseen difficulties arise. We will provide the support and information you require in order to make the transaction as smooth as possible.

Our Fees and costs:
Our Legal Fees are fixed and representative of a standard residential conveyancing transaction without complications.  However should the matter becomes overly protracted and requires additional work over and above what is normally expected in a conveyance, we will notify you of the additional work to be undertaken and amend our fees before proceeding.

In addition to our fees you will be required to pay disbursements which are costs associated with your matter and are in addition to our fees.

If your transaction does not to proceed to completion, we reserve the right to charge our full fees plus VAT quoted.

Sale of a Property (Freehold):
Fixed fee plus disbursements:

Legal Fees £500.00 plus VAT £100.00 – £600.00
Land Registry Office Copy & Plan £6.00
Telegraphic Transfer fees £16.00 plus VAT £3.20 – £19.20
Electronic AML search £5.94 inclusive of VAT per person.

Sale of a Property (Leasehold):
Fixed fee plus disbursements:

Legal Fees £600.00 plus VAT £120.00 – £720.00
Land Registry Office Copy & Plan £6.00
Telegraphic Transfer fees £16.00 plus VAT £3.20 – £19.20
Electronic AML search £5.94 inclusive of VAT per person.

Purchase of Property (Freehold):
Fixed fee plus disbursements:

Legal Fees £500.00 plus VAT £100.00 – £600.00
Stamp Duty Land Tax (TBA)
Land Registration fees, to register you as new owner (TBA)
Land Registry search priority search £3.00
Bankruptcy Search £2 per person
Residential Searches £266.80 inc VAT
Lawyer Check £14.40 inclusive of  VAT
Telegraphic Transfer fees £16.00 plus VAT – £19.20
Electronic AML search £5.94 inclusive of VAT per person.

Purchase of Property (Leasehold):
Fixed fee plus disbursements:

Legal Fees £868.00 plus VAT £173.60 – £1,041.60
Stamp Duty Land Tax (TBA)
Land Registration fees (TBA)
Land Registry Priority Search £3.00
Bankruptcy Search £2.00 per person
Residential Searches £266.80
Lawyer Check £14.40 inclusive of VAT
Telegraphic Transfer fees £16.00 plus VAT – £19.20
Electronic AML search £5.94 inclusive of VAT per person.

The purchase of newly built properties, Shared ownership purchases, Transfers of equity, Equity release, Help to Buy matters tend to be more complicated and may be subject to the payment of additional fees.

In addition, if the basis of ownership of a property requires the preparation of a Declaration of Trust, or if buyers are obtaining mortgage finance, there are likely to be additional fees payable.  Lenders also require legal representation and if we are able to act for them (which invariably we will be able to do) there will be an additional charge for acting on their behalf which will become apparent from their mortgage offer.

Further, there are situations where it is necessary to obtain indemnity insurance and if that does prove necessary, we charge a fixed fee of £50 plus VAT £10 a total of £60 in addition to any premium quoted.

Other possible factors that could result in additional fees would be if the legal title is defective or part of the property is unregistered; or if building regulation approval or planning permission has not been obtained; or if crucial documents which have been requested have not been provided.

The Disbursements listed above are only an indication of those normally required for Conveyancing purposes.  However, from time to time additional Land Registry and/or other documents may be required which could increase the cost of disbursements.  Please therefore bear this in mind.

Remortgages and Transfer of Property by Gift
• Remortgages – minimum of £400.00 plus VAT of £80.00 – £480.00.
• Transfer by Gift – minimum of £350.00 plus VAT of £70.00 – £420.00.

Other Costs and Expenses (Disbursements)
Sale – So far as the sale of a residential property is concerned, provided ownership of the property is registered at HM Land Registry, there will also be the cost of Land Registry entries and possibly other Land Registry documents depending on whether the property is subject to covenants.

As a minimum, we would expect to have to obtain Land Registry entries and Title Plan at a cost of £6.00 inclusive of VAT.  Where it is necessary to discharge a mortgage or the seller requires the proceeds of sale to be paid by way of a Bank Transfer, there will be a Bank Transfer fee to pay of £16.00 plus VAT of £3.20 a total of £19.20.

Purchase – So far as the purchase of a residential property is concerned, the expenses incurred will be depend to an extent on where the property is located and whether the buyer obtains mortgage finance. If mortgage finance is required, a buyer will be expected to carry out a full range of standard pre-contract searches, the cost of which can depend on where the property is situated.

Note – It should be borne in mind that this Firm has a policy of carrying out, what are known as, full searches. Organisations have been set up which carry out, what are known as, personal searches. Personal searches are generally much cheaper than full searches. That is the only advantage of them. The disadvantages are several, namely, they take longer to obtain because the person carrying out the personal search has to make an appointment at the Local Authority, the Local Authority do not guarantee that the information contained in a personal search is accurate and correct and if the buyer is obtaining with mortgage finance, quite often, a lender may not accept personal search results.

There will also be a Land Registry fee to pay. The following is a link to the Land Registry’s website and in particular, onto the calculator which gives details of their fee.

There is also a possibility that stamp duty land tax will be payable. The following is a link to the Government online calculator so that potential buyers can work out how much stamp duty they will be liable to pay.

Remortgages and Deeds of Gift
In relation to re-mortgages and Transfers of property by Gift, there will also be fees to pay for the cost of Land Registry documents and also Land Registry fees, the amount of which will depend on the value of the property being transferred.

Finally, in relation to all types of transaction we are required to obtain identification evidence for anyone on whose behalf we act and therefore, it will also be necessary to carry out online identification checks in connection with all clients and anyone else who is putting money into a property transaction.


So far as a timeframe is concerned in relation to the Sale and Purchase of properties, this can be difficult to predict because it can be affected by a number of factors, for example, the number of parties involved in the chain of transactions, whether any of them need mortgage finance or whether parties are dependent on the sale or purchase of an alternative property, etc. Generally, a straightforward residential property transaction takes between 6 and 12 weeks.
So far as re-mortgages are concerned, these can be dealt with much quicker simply because the only parties involved are the lenders and the borrower. Once mortgage instructions have been received, in theory, it should be possible to complete the re-mortgage within two weeks depending on the lender’s requirements.

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