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At John Poyser Solicitors we understand how difficult and daunting the UK immigration process can be. That is why our expert Immigration Solicitors in Manchester will guide you through each stage of your immigration journey, informing and guiding you through Immigration Rules and published guidance.

For any immigration action to be successful it is imperative that you understand what is required from you by the UK Border Agency, here at John Poyser we can assist you with the following:

1. United Kingdom Ancestry
2. Domestic Workers
3. Visitors
4. Special Visitors
5. Indefinite Leave to Remain
6. Long Residence
7. British Citizenship
8. Marriage and Partner Visas
9. Child Adoption Visas
10. Appeals and Advocacy
11. Bail Applications
12. Judicial Reviews
13. business // Entrepreneur Visa

This list is not exhaustive, if you would like advice regarding any area of Immigration law then please do not hesitate to contact us.

When you are applying to enter the UK there are many things that you must consider. If you do not seek the correct legal advice you may be prevented from entering the UK, have your application refused or even be removed from the UK.

At John Poyser we provide Immigration Solicitors in Manchester.

If you are faced with any of the above an appeal for reconsideration can seriously delay your applications and life plans. That is why we recommend you seek expert legal representation and advice from the outset to ensure that your applications are as smooth and as hassle-free as they possibly can be.

For any further information on how we can help you, please contact us.

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Here at John Poyser Solicitors, we pride ourselves on the experience and expertise our dedicated solicitors have amassed over the years. We always strive to achieve the very best results for our clients and will go the extra mile to do so.